What is aphasia, dysarthria, and dysphonia?

Aphasia:  An impairment in the ability to express or understand language. This can be apparent with spoken language and written language. People with aphasia might know exactly what they want to say, but are unable to get the words out. Words on a text message or a letter might not make sense.

Dysarthria: An impaired ability to speak clearly; slurred speech. Dysarthria encompasses all of the systems required for speech, including breath, vocal quality, articulation (speech sounds), and resonance.

Dysphonia: Impaired vocal quality, or voice impairment. Your voice might sound breathy, harsh, or hoarse. This could be due to damaging the vocal folds through misuse or overuse, trauma, effects of radiation treatment, neurological disease, or even acid reflux. If you are experiencing changes in your voice, it is recommended that you speak with your physician prior to seeking speech therapy.