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What does the SPEAK OUT!® program involve?

Now offering online services!

1. An in-person or virtual evaluation:

Only a speech-language pathologist who is a certified SPEAK OUT!® provider can complete this evaluation and treatment process. Lauren will come out to your home for all evaluation and treatment sessions; she is currently serving Lewisburg, PA and surrounding areas. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lauren is also proud to announce that she is offering this program through an online platform in order to protect your health.

2. Parkinson's information session:

Prior to beginning treatment sessions, patients and families attend a “Parkinson’s Information Session.” It is essential for the whole family to understand basic information about Parkinson’s and how speech and swallowing can be affected.

3. Four-week SPEAK OUT!® program: 

The program typically consists of twelve speech therapy sessions and daily home practice. Together, the patient and speech-language pathologist complete speech, voice and cognitive exercises using a specialized workbook that Parkinson Voice Project provides to every person with Parkinson’s who is receiving SPEAK OUT! 

4. Six-week follow-up:

It can be challenging to make the transition from formal speech therapy to “maintenance.”  This is why Parkinson's Voice Project recommends a follow-up session with a speech-language pathologist about six weeks after SPEAK OUT! graduation.  The SPEAK OUT! exercises are reviewed, and assistance with establishing a daily home practice routine is provided.

5. LOUD Crowd® :

The LOUD Crowd is a maintenance program that provides accountability and education through weekly group sessions where SPEAK OUT! exercises are performed. As an added bonus, this maintenance program promotes camaraderie and provides support and encouragement for the local Parkinson's community.

Prior to starting SPEAK OUT! ®   :

You will need a physician's order before scheduling an evaluation and treatment sessions.

Please have your physician fax the order to 833-543-0041.

You may also call 570-520-0767 for further information.